BRA Day promotes education, awareness and access for women who may wish to consider post-mastectomy breast reconstruction.


Rights of Care

On BRA Day we’re launching the first “Rights of Care” for breast reconstruction patients and we need your help. This crowd-sourced “bill of rights” will be made up of knowledge and insights from those who have experienced breast reconstruction first-hand. To learn more and to write your own Rights of Care


Informative BRA Day Videos

In these videos, plastic surgeons present different aspects of breast reconstruction. Topics include The future of BRA Day, Choosing the right type of reconstruction: Implant vs autologous, Reconstruction after radiation, Prophylactic mastectomy, Direct-to-Implant (One-Step) reconstruction, Balancing the other breast, Fat grafting in breast reconstruction, Reconstructing the nipple and Nipple areola tattooing. BRA Day Videos


Get Support Now

Some questions are best answered by a woman who has been through it. Call Willow to speak to a woman has experienced breast reconstruction and understands the reality of living in a post-mastectomy body. Get Support


How to Help

Pitch in and help the BRA Day cause. No gift is too small and your generosity helps ensure that all Canadian women have timely access to breast reconstruction education and support. Make a Donation

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