About BRA Day

bra day is an initiative that promotes education, awareness and access for women considering post-mastectomy breast reconstruction

BARDAt a BRA Day event, leading plastic surgeons provide breast reconstruction education and are available to answer your questions. The highlight of a BRA Day event is the Show & Tell Lounge, an innovative space where volunteers show attendees the real-life results of their breast reconstruction. BRA day events provide women with the opportunity to:

  • Learn about their breast reconstruction options from plastic surgeons
  • Hear patient stories and connect with women who’ve been through it
  • Develop realistic expectations of what reconstruction can achieve
  • Get answers to their reconstruction questions

Breast reconstruction may not be the right choice for every woman, but every woman deserves to have access to accurate, unbiased information so that she can make an informed decision.


BRA Day events are held in communities across Canada in October. Events typically include:

PRESENTATIONS by plastic surgeons about different options for breast reconstruction. Women who have had breast reconstruction may also share their experiences.

SHOW & TELL LOUNGE where women can actually see what breast reconstruction can achieve. This private, women-only space offers a safe and comfortable environment for showing, sharing and connecting. learn more about the show & tell lounge.

EDUCATION TABLES hosted by specialists and women who have undergone breast reconstruction to answer your questions from a medical and patient perspective.

PLASTIC SURGEONS available to discuss breast reconstruction options and answer questions.

EXHIBITOR AREA to learn about products and services from non-profit organizations and vendors to help you along your journey.

Lara and women

How BRA Day helps…

96% found the breast reconstruction information useful

97% had a better understanding of breast reconstruction after visiting the Show & Tell Lounge

85% felt better about their options after the event


What attendees say about BRA Day…

“It was a wonderful evening that really provided realistic and helpful information regarding breast cancer and reconstructive surgery. It didn’t sugar coat anything and has definitely enabled me to make a informed decision.”

willow_33“The whole event all together was so very informative, and answered many of the questions I had. I am in the early stage of reconstruction and it helped me understand each and every step”

“The show and tell lounge was truly wonderful. What I had in my imagination and the actual reality of how reconstruction works was two different things. Seeing real reconstructed breasts helped me grasp just what reconstruction means and potentially what it will look like for my body.”